House Rules

We hope you enjoy your stay at the Weekend House™.

There are just a few rules we ask you to follow. The following rules are duplicated on, or in addition to, our Rental Agreement.

Overview: No more than 8 overnight guests & no more than 12 daytime guests; no more than 3 cars can park on the street outside our house; no music outside; quiet down between 10pm and 7am; no illegal drug use; if you do get a violation of any kind and we get fined, you’ll lose your deposit, and we could lose our permit — so please be respectful, we like sharing our house with you.

No smoking anywhere on our property.

No illegal drug use. This is not a party house.

No pets.

Don’t leave food out — it’ll attract ants. If they find your treats, there’s bug spray under the sink.

Under the sink there is also a fire extinguisher, cleaning supplies and first aid.

Our house is your house — for real, treat our house like your own.

Please lock up EVERY time you leave -- sliding glass doors and front door. 

Leave the windows closed and locked.

Be respectful of our neighbors. We like them, they like us, and we want them to like you.

Take all trash out to the outdoor trash bins. If you’re here on a Wednesday, please take the trash bins out to the curb for trash collection.

If something breaks — even if you broke it (or not) — let us know right away.

Anything in the fridge or freezer is yours (it’s mostly condiments). Please take home whatever you put in the refrigerator, don’t leave any food or drinks behind.

If you’re grilling, do not leave the grill unattended and immediately turn off all burners when you’re done.

If you’re going to leave the sliding glass doors open while you’re in the den or on the patio, or you’re in and out a lot, please turn the A/C or heater OFF.

Collect all games and game pieces you use.

Please return the house the way you found it.