Our first escape.

We love visiting Palm Springs. Like many design-obsessed Angelenos, we love the Hollywood history and mid-century modern homes. We wanted a place to call our own, and share with others, so we started our house search.

When we found this house, we saw its potential. It had a great entryway with a large square architectural detail around the front door. It was a flip when we bought it, but the bare minimum had been done. Literally. There was no landscaping and no back yard or pool. But we loved that entryway, saw the potential curb appeal, and the house sat on a large lot that was perfect for a pool.

The next few months were spent putting up fun wallpaper in the bedrooms, opening up walls for sliding glass doors, putting in a pool, grass and desert landscaping in the back, and a walkway and artificial turf in the front that would always be a perfect green. And, finally, the centerpiece of the house — we put in 8 ft double doors, perfectly centered on the square entryway.

The house, and those blue doors, were a huge hit with guests, and the perfect weekend getaway for us, for about 2 years.



1600 sq ft
4 Bedrooms
2 Baths

Quarter acre lot
30' pool
Huge cabana
Table Tennis & more!